Monopoly Game Rules

Are you a Monopoly champ? If so, how many times have you won? But if not, are you looking for expert tips and tricks to finally win the game once and for all? 

With so many versions available today – come with different rules and others that have been updated for the digital age – it can be difficult to keep track of everything. So let’s take a look at all things Monopoly board games.

With this in-depth article, we’ll explain everything there is to know about this popular board game – from rules to strategy and everything in between.

Monopoly Game: What You Need to Know

In the previous version of the game, players had to pay only one-sixth of the value of the property in taxes. But in the new version, players have to pay one-third of the full value as taxes. The previous version allowed players to move around the board exactly as they wanted, with no restrictions. However, in the new version, you have to move around the board based on the roll of a dice, and you cannot land on the same space more than once.

In the current version of the game, two six-sided dice are used. One shows how many spaces you will move forward, and the other shows how many spaces you will move backward if any. 

There are three different types of tokens in the game: houses, hotels, and a thimble. Houses represent hotels in the game, so if you use a house token, you have to use a hotel token as well. You can use the thimble token when you need to go back to jail or if you want to swap your token with another player. 

Rules of Monopoly Game 

There are some rules that are common to all the versions of the game, so make sure you know them before you start playing.

You should play with 2 to 8 players. The game is played in rounds. You get to roll 2 dice each turn. You get to roll again only if you get doubles. You have to land on a space using 2 dice. 

A player who lands on GO gets $200. A player who lands on Jail gets sent there. A player who lands on Free Parking gets $30. A player who lands on Chance or Community Chest gets a card. A player who lands on the property gets to buy it. A player who lands on Luxury Tax or Income Tax has to pay. A player who lands on a Utility pays the amount. Utilities can be bought. 

A player whose token is on the property gets the amount. If a player lands on a railroad, he gets to choose the direction. A player who lands on the property of another player has to pay rent. You can buy houses, hotels, and houses on your own property. You can mortgage your property or buildings to get money. You can sell buildings or houses you own. A player whose last token is on Go or Jail has to go out.

There are many versions of the game, and each one comes with its own set of rules. You can choose the one that best suits your play style and the people you’re playing against. Whether you’re playing with the classic rules or trying out one of the variations, the game promises to be an exciting experience for all.